Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

CEO@Faculty - Behind The Scenes

The behind the scene of CEO@Faculty Night gifts preparation for all 70 CEOs & our 750 invited guest!


Wood shopping. 


Wood selection, no bend no twist no dam mantra. ( P/s this is not Nyatoh, i am showing you a Chengal for fun )


Pre-processing of the wood e.g planning to thickness, cutting to size & form, right now we are making the frame grooves. 


Each piece is being grooved and cut precisely & being sanded till perfection. 


Sanding the groove till its clean of imperfections & splits.


Each piece is then being assemble one by one to form a perfect frame,  accuracy is a must. 


Assembling the 45 degree angle precisely. 


Ensuring each pieces of frame is accurately cut for the glass to fit in seamlessly. 


The Warrior Frame a.k.a Saat Frame is now complete after applying a special finishing. 


The packaging is printed & being custom made one by one for 70 CEOs representing CEO@Faculty, this is specially made for this occasion. 


Stocking up wood for the making of the frame’s easel stand.  We think that it is best to be made & designed by our own designers to achieve the perfect experience for the appreciation night. 




Clamping & assembling.


Screw in all the parts. 


Part A.


Still working on it. 


Prototype 1.B after going through revision from Prototype 1.A square version.


After going through several prototypes, finally the production begins.


Hardworking Supercrew, super awesome.


Finally after few days of hard work, here we go Easel. 

 Moving into event hallway.