Saat Frame
Saat Frame
Saat Frame
Saat Frame

Saat Frame

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Saat Frame is a wall hanging frame that allows your artwork to float mid-air inside the frame. It can be used as wall hanging or wall leaning. It comes in our signature dark wood shade in three sizes of A2, A3 & A4, perfect for for your new home, exhibits, galleria, weddings, & as house warming gifts.

Installation notes: All frames comes with 2 screws & frame hooks, for best effects, position it vertically on the wall while hanging or lean the frame onto the wall from the floor level or table top. 

Safety notes: Please ensure clearance of space & safety concerns when selecting a space/ surface/wall/ when using the frame. Please ensure that no people especially children, todller or pet is under the frame during the process of installation.

Delivery date notice: Pre-Orders only. All orders placed on 27th September onwards will be delivered by  15 of November 2019. 


Dimensions :

A4: 228 mm (W) X 315 mm (L) X 40 mm (D) 

A3: 315 mm (W) X 438 mm (L) X 40 mm (D)

A2: 438 mm (W) X 612 mm (L) X 40 mm (D)

Artwork Visible Area:

A4: 198 mm (W) X 285 mm(L)

A3:  285 mm (W) X 408 mm(L)

A2:  408 mm (W) X 582 mm (L)