Batu Seremban - Kuih Lapis (PRE-ORDER)

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Why :

The introduction of technology, such as mobile phones and social networking sites has impaired our face-to face interactions. Hence, MUKK aims to reintroduce real world interaction through traditional games to the younger generations in a chic way.


"Batu Seremban" is a traditional childhood game once played by many Malaysians, originally using "buah" – fruit; utilizing any small objects one can easily obtain such as stones, knitted cushions, etc. It is joyous and yet challenging game suitable to be played among friends and family.


While aiming to preserve this lost tradition, MUKK sustainably uses handcrafted wooden stones, mainly made up of off-cuts accumulated from workshops & production factories. Please note that the designs varies according to available off cuts & every single design, colour & patterns are unique. How to play instructions is provided with every purchase.

Delivery Date: Pre-Orders will only be delivered on 19th December 2017, for all orders before 11 of December. Thereafter will be upon availability. Contact: regarding any shipment issue.