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Common | Cheese Board

Common | Cheese Board

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Common is a surface grain charcuterie board made from Radiata Pine wood. Conversation starters for real with the expression of people passing by our store, exclaiming what is it?! Is that a "Ping-Pong bat?!" "Can I smack someone with it?" 

Created to celebrate the subtle beauty of Radiata's Pine surface grain, a conversation starter with a decorated plate of cheese, dried fruits & maybe some ham. Don't forget a good glass of wine or coffee, it depends really. 

Compared to alternative charcuterie & serving boards in the market our boards are made from non-treated wood (non toxic), kiln-dried, finished with certified food-grade coating, and last but not least preserving our forest by reducing the logging of new timber, though it's a small part, we are glad we are doing it with our small objects.

Our serving boards are finished with food-safe coating.   


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  • TWO SIDED use flexibility 
  • Food Safe Coating
  • Water Resistance 
  • Surface Grain 
  • Wood species: Radiata Pine. Non-treated, chemical-free, food-safe, Kiln-dried.
  • Sustainable Resourced Wood
  • Weight: up to 0.2kg


Size & Dimensions:

Medium: 400mm x 135mm X 15mm

Large: 450mm x 135mm x 15mm 


Wood Care:

  • Application of MUKK cutting board conditioner 1-2 times/week
  • Do not soak the product in water, kindly hand wash.
  • Air dry, allow major surfaces to dry concurrently.
  • Do not use it in a microwave or dishwasher. 
  • Wipe off water or moisture after use.
  • Keep away from direct high heat.
  • Do not sunbath the product. 


 *** Allergy / Toxicity: Please note that all types of wood may cause allergic reaction to specific individual, kindly take precaution when purchasing any products made from wood. For more information kindly visit this link:

Materials & Sustainability

Timber: Our products are made from premium recycled wood & certified FSC / PEFC timber as an alternative.

Adhesive: We utilize certified Formaldehyde Free glue for our products, to ensure quality health for you & the environment.

Finishing: Natural unfinished or Certified Food Grade Mineral Oil approved by NSF.

Shipping Information

To reduce environmental impact & carbon emission, we consolidate our parcels to be ship out in bulk. This will significantly reduce randomize pick up sessions by our courrier partners thus reducing the carbon emission created through the transportation sessions.

STRIPE 400: by 30th October

Standard Products, 7-14 working days

Care information

Band Frames

Acrylic: Peel off the protective sheet on two sides to reveal the acrylic sheets.

Elastic Bands: Avoid extreme sunlight or direct heat for longevity of the bands. Replacement bands can be bought from us. Direct message us via Instagram 


Cutting Boards/Serving Boards

    How to care for any wooden cutting boards / serving boards?

    • Wash with mild detergent for first-time use.
    • Tilt it upright for drying completely to ensure two surfaces dry simultaneously to prevent warping. ( always tilt up to dry for all time uses )
    • After completely drying ( leave overnight ), recoat the entire board, even the sides, with cutting board conditioner
    • Please note that coating your board with coconut oil/mineral oil will not be sufficient & cooking oil is not recommended because it will turn rancid over time. 
    • Expect some parts of the surface of the board to turn slightly coarse after the first wash due to the rise of wood grain which happens to most wooden kitchenware that utilizes natural food-grade coating suitable for direct food contact. The cutting board conditioner will smoothen & protect the board over time, just like combing your hair with hair gel. 
    • End grain boards requires cutting board conditioner as part of the maintenance. For more information find out here.



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    A sustainable gift makes it extra meaningful.