Journey Home (Pre-Orders)

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Journey Home is a modular desk organizer that allows one to plug & play one’s desired scenery, designed to organize our daily pocket-size items. It also functions as a coaster to help keep liquid stain off important documents, such as coffee. 

We believe that an emotional design can evoke happiness, peace and tranquility in our everyday life that is often stressful and hectic. At such, we choose a scenic view for our organizer as our core interpretation of reminiscence, nostalgia and mother nature.

* Please note that the arrangement of color varies according to artist impression due to the selection of the best wood grain pattern, every unit is different & unique on its own.  

Delivery Date: Pre-Orders will only be delivered on 19th December 2017, for all orders received before 16 of December. Thereafter will be upon available in stock. Contact: regarding any shipment issue.