One Two Tree - DIY Project
One Two Tree - DIY Project
One Two Tree - DIY Project
One Two Tree - DIY Project

One Two Tree - DIY Project

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Feeling a little unmotivated during MCO ? Running out of ideas of what activities to do during weekends ? We got you covered ! How about doing a little woodworking ? Simple ones to begin with. 

These are exclusive colours of One Two Tree that we kept it as a incoming surpirse. What's One Two Three ? It's a planter, it's a vase, however it is not quite done yet & that's when we need you to play a part to get it fully finish! All you need to do is to work on reshaping, sanding & fine finishing in order words polishing the wood! Lastly, we will need you to complete the vase by doing some flower arrangement what say! It will be fun to this with your kids too!

It's a great activity for any woodworking enthusiast, forever learning adult, family & even children above age 6 with guardian supervision of course! Lastly remember to wear a mask & do it in an open ventilated space while you're at it! All DIY KIT will be provided inside this box, and we just need you to flex your muscle a little bit! 

You will receive:

  • X 3 unique wooden vases in exclusive Red Pine
  • X 1 Test Tube
  • 80 Grit -1500 grit sandpapers
  • Tutorial & Guides

Project Duration: 

  • Duration: approximately 3-4hours per set with one person 
  • At your own pace, this is not a workshop. 


  • Learn our top secret fine finsihing skills in woodworking
  • Patience is virtue
  • Calming effect & takes your mind off stress
  • Satisfaction of outcome 
  • Have a taste & touch of our everyday behind the scene

Warning: Strictly not for people with asthma or hyper sensitivity to wood dust.