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Rustic Boards
Rustic Boards
Rustic Boards
Rustic Boards

Rustic Boards

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These are boards that comes with visible crack lines / gap from the sides and from the middle too. This batch apart from the free gives away boards that we did for the ultimate crack board,  just take it that these boards are one level up from the free giveaways and we have decided to sell it at a collective price of RM 99. Our honest opinion is that these boards are beautiful boards that’s worth buying & really suitable as a presentation board, decor, photography board,  furniture / side table / end table, rustic plank for indoor plants,  while it’s not too recommended to use it for hardcore washing or in contact with water due to the nature of the crack & gap in case of water penetration  into the larger gap but that doesn’t mean that you can’t, as it depends on individual care & environment too. Well conditioning the board does reduce the percentage of water entering, just that coating the crack needs abit of a struggle.

That being said, it’s your decision.  
Some of the ideas above are really contributed by our customers on how they’re using the reject boards. 
Wood are very individualistic, we can’t say for sure if one board will bend, crack further just by looking at it, you need to try to know it, some boards have cracks and it can be used for hardcore water contact without issues. That’s for you to try & experiment. 




Size of Pixel L: 460mm x 330mm x 40mm

Design & Patterns: selected randomly, better boards goes to first come first serve basis.  

Gap & Cracks: customer told us it’s beautiful that way, so we see it in a different light & stop fixing the gap. It is beautiful. 

Packaging: Comes in a damn cool clean recycle sack, does not comes with our standards wrapping / packaging.

Can be use as: Slicing Bread & Cake /  Furniture / End Table Top / Indoor Plant holders / Presentation board / Decor / Photography board for objects & items 

Prevent: Soaking in the water or constant washing without drying properly 

Dry with: Natural Air / Tilting sides up / two side ventilation/ avoid direct sunlight location 

Does this board need conditioner: Your own preferences of using the board, afterall conditioning will make the board better, increases the beauty, prevent water penetration/ further cracks and warping.

Shipping: Self Collection Only ( 9-2, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/5B, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor. ) Collection Docket provided / Contactless.

Interstate: There’s request for interstate shipping, bare in mind these boards are price at a fraction of RM 99, interstate shipment requires professional packing which cost us RM 70-90 the parcel will be damn huge , and 5kg load means it’s going to be around RM 25-90 depending where you’re, therefore we are sorry to say for now we only recommend to customers residing at Klang Valley. We put this out so that you can understand the cost involved for us, it’s not a piece of T-shirt it’s a wooden block.