A gift that last forever.

A gift that last forever.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I am not sure about you but spending time with your precious mom doing the activities that she loves will be the best gift ever however it always does make it much memorable by showing more effort to top the day with a unique Mother's day gift, as they say action speaks louder than words.  This year we bring to you a special collaboration with our all-time favourite bespoke flower artist from Malaysia Ifzan Ibrahim; with a refined eye for aesthetics, Ifzan turns his love for flowers into stunning bouquets through his business Saudagar General Store.

Every year we received blooms that fades away overtime, roughly in a span of one week there goes our fresh blooms. We thought how can we make this year's bloom a little different than the rest of the years, can the blooms last forever? Personally, I do love receiving fresh flowers while at times it is just sad to see it fade away in a short period of time & the investment involved, nevertheless with effort i do receive help from my mom to make them into dry flowers but the outcome just doesn't work too well depending on the type of flowers and the most common way of dealing with it is to tilt it opposite. Welll, i concluded we should leave it to the professionals to make it look classy & elegant.

That being said, we contacted Ifzan straight away that we needed his help to create stunning bunches of dry flowers to be paired with our 123 vases. The best part is, we told Ifzan that really we need them at a very unique price point that nobody could have been able to obtain in the market to provide a valuable experience for our customer's mother & we will be doing this together. (if it's for your significant other, that one we will charge you significantly.)

Stories aside, this is what we received from Ifzan after a few days!



Collaboration special! 

Stunning right! We thought so too! Then we asked Ifzan how much will this cost? We are thinking this going to be a super costly package as we all know the market price for preserved & dry flowers jump start from RM 150 onwards (it's alot of work okay) & our vases are selling for RM 380 with a set of three right? (A set of vases requires about 10 hours to do finishing touches okay, don't believe us, join us). Now, you will be excited to find out the final price that we have decided on & we will be launching this on 28th of April, 6PM. The first 10 customers will also receive an additional discounts with our pre-launch promotion. As usual, our customers know we never joke about our pre-launch benefits, for late comers the kicks come in much later and you will feel it, therefore do not miss this opportunity & this will be first come first serve basis, remember to stand by!

Ifzan what species are these plants? 

In no particular order, Eucalyptus leaves, Poppy seed pods, Blue eryngium, Banksia leaf, Silver brunia, Ammi flowers, Eucalyptus bellgum nuts, Kangaroo paw, Ammi flowers, Gingko tree seeds, Statice limonium & others. Ifzan describes that some of these plants are really limited in availability, as many requires to be imported, some are even exotic plants, these flowers are created using plain dried technique as well as preservation technique. (It does looks very different from what we can purchase locally.)

How long does these plants last ?

Almost forever, just keep them away from bright sunlight and heat or they will continue to dry thus become brown & brittle. Almost forever sounds great! Why invest in plants that will wither in week? This gift will constantly remind your mom of how dedicated you are in showing your "love & care". On the side, we do have a care note to pet onwers though, especially us being pet lovers too. You should take exceptional care when allocating a space that will not be  accessible to your pets as we all know certain plants are poisonous to our furry friends even though it is dried flowers & plants, we just need to take extra precaution when it comes to that particular unique member of our family.

Last but not least, please do not forget to support our local vendors, if you think you like what you just read, head over to Saudagar Genetal Store Instagram page & give them a like, us too at MUKK . Help us spread the words by sharing this post. Salam Ramadhan & stay safe everyone.

Saudagar General Store offers weekly flowers, bespoke bouquets and monthly subscriptions. The blooms, sourced locally & overseas, are meticulously curated so the arrangements look absolutely effortless. Currently, Saudagar General Store also supplies to individual & commercial clients such as KLoe hotel and offers dried arrangements on top of fresh flowers for a lasting decoration. Ifzan Ibrahim is also the co-founder of Wondermilk ( a cozy little cafe where friends & family can hangout in KL ), the word Saudagar also meant trader & merchant in Malay where he's inspired of the concept of a place to trade.  

MUKK mission is to turn waste into daily gems, our products are main from resourced wood utilizing second life reclaim timber & cut-offs, no fresh trees or habitat are harm in the process, making the world a slightly better place. 

website: www.mukk.co

Instagram: @mukk.co / @saudagargeneralstore




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