This Christmas we present our Award Winning selections

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Award Winning Debut



Our mission is to create sustainable designs with high quality craftsmanship that will last a life time without polluting the environment with short lifespan junks. The first lifestyle brand that bridges local craftsmanship with design, in partnership with Malaysian award winning craftsman, artisans & designers that preserves the art of local craftsmanship that we can proudly say  "100% designed & made in Malaysia."

High quality craftmanship with a touch of thoughtfulness through good design, one of the best i have seen.

Cadence from Coffee Suite Company

Love the MUKK frames, makes my art looks even more beautiful.

anonymous painter

Christmas Pre-Order Sales

Dear all, we wish extend our invitation to our customers with a Christmas Pre-Orders sales, with this we can anticipate a bigger volume and through this it will help to reduce the production cost while achieving greater value in your gifts, because we do not believe in taking more than we needed from mother nature by over producing through mass manufacturing at a go.

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