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  • I'm a happy returning customer of MUKK and bought 4 End Grain Pixel Butcher Blocks in total. - YinYin

    I kept one for myself and gave the other three to my mom, mother-in-law and my friend, respectively. All of them are passionate chefs and spend hours in the kitchen cooking Asian food daily. We are very impressed with the quality of the boards as we did a lot of chopping and slicing done on the boards! The large chopping board has the capacity to put the whole chicken and it is really value for money. And as usual, Mukk's products are always so instagrammable and it really make your kitchen looks atas.

  • I wanted to say it was the best Xmas gift i ever gave! - Natalie

    This is probably one of the best Christmas gift i have ever given to one of my dearest & closest... the board, not the steak...but the steak does compliment the board to perfection. Can't wait to reorder for Xmas 2022.

  • The handcrafted wooden frames has transform the atmosphere of my entire cafe setting - Cadence, Emery School Of Coffee

    The handcrafted wooden frames and custom trays has transform the atmosphere of my entire cafe setting, giving it a touch of warmth at the same time displaying my coffee equipments & coffee beans packaging collection.

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  • Oiling it from time to time, these boards will remain as beautiful as the first time. - Gwen, Fabcafe

    We purchased 2 of these Pixel cutting boards and love how solid and beutiful it looks. I wash them with soap after use everytime and wash them daily..and its still good..as long as you remember to care for them - oiling it from time to time, these boards will remain as beautiful as the first time.

  • The wood feels even smoother since it's aged. - Stacy Liu

    I bought the medium Pixel butcher's block for our household in late 2020, and we love using it! It's a good size and weight (the board and our knives don't slip in use), and still looks great with monthly conditioning. In fact, the wood feels even smoother since it's aged. Super glad I got it! :)

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Butcher Blocks & Cutting Boards

The most sought after collection of all times, the Pixel Butcher Blocks & Wild Jungle cutting boards. Now we have added more into this family. Made from formaldehyde free glue with heat resistance capabilities making it even more durable, coated with food safe coating.

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123 Vases are desktop decorative pieces designed with the fibonacci sequence in mind, these vases allows you to display flowers at the scale of golden rule of third. Small body huge plant, tiny plant huge body.

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The Band Frame

Embedded with the history of MUKK, , with the core values of the company that was developed & redevelop upon this one single design. Using four pieces of detachable timber parts, assembled with a piece of rubberband, no glue or nails are used in the process thus making it easier for recycling in the future. The Band Frame allows a two sided display for your artwork with a floating effect, comes with optional message unique special gift.

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