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PIXEL | End Grain Butcher Block

PIXEL | End Grain Butcher Block

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Limited quantity, limited materials, made from reclaimed wood - no fresh timber are being used, we protect the environment. Strongly recommend to add on cutting board conditioner to protect the board from water penetration during wash, apply 1-2 times a week depending on your usage.


PIXEL is an End Grain Butcher Block that allow high impact chopping with a sturdy structure. Pixel end grain boards consist of a very fibrous cutting surface, a knife’s edge is likely to sink into the wood fibers while you are cutting, preserving your knife longevity. This product is suitable for impact butchering, chopping, slicing & cutting, comes with a sleek design with easy lifting even without handles. Our chopping blocks are made with certified formaldehyde free glue & finish with food safe coating.   Tested & approved by customers wanting more!



  • TWO SIDED use flexibility
  • Certified Formaldehyde Free Glue 
  • Food Safe Coating
  • Water Resistance 
  • 100% End Grain 
  • Wood species: Premium grade Swintonia Spp / Merpauh. Non-treated wood, chemical free, food safe, Kiln-dried.
  • Sustainable Resourced Wood
  • Weight: up to 5 Kg (L)


Size & Dimensions:

M : 370mm x 250mm x 40mm

L : 460mm x 330mm x 40mm


Wood Care:

  • Application of MUKK cutting board conditioner 1-2 times / week
  • Do not soak product into water, kindly hand wash.
  • Air dry, allow major surfaces to dry concurently.
  • Do not use in a microwave or dishwasher. 
  • Wipe off water or moisture after use.
  • Keep away from direct high heat.
  • Do not sun bath the product. 


 *** Allergy / Toxidity: Please note that all types of wood may cause allergic reaction to specific individual, kindly take precaution when purchasing any products made from wood. For more information kindly visit this link:

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