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Cutting Board Conditioner

Cutting Board Conditioner

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Cutting board conditioner is designed for new builds or reconditioning cutting boards. MUKK Professional Grade Oil does not require multiple coats in order to achieve an all natural rich & silky wood finish and all it takes is just seconds to apply by using a clean cloth. The perfect ratio of this formula repells water and food particles when in use. The ingrediants contains certified food grade pure mineral oil, beeswax (USA), this conditioner is pure & non scented. 

This conditioner is suitable to be applied across all types of wooden & bamboo products which includes frames, vases, bowls, utensils & cutting boards. 



  • 100% Food Safe 
  • Environmental Friendly
  • All Natural & Vegan Friendly
  • Does not contain toxins and synthetics 
  • Not suitable for consumption 
  • Will not turn rancid
  • Liquid form in a bottle of 200mL


Application Instructions:

Use a clean cloth, pour conditioner onto the cloth or object, apply generously and allow the coating to be absorb, wipe off residue. If this application is for cutting board, allow boards to be completely dry of water or moisture before application. For best results, you may heat up the conditioner by warm the conditioner bottle with warm water externally to melt the beeswax further before application while this is optional.