Our Existence

When we look at things that surrounds us today, we are flooded with multitude of product choices to choose from, subsequently our society has been engrained with the idea of cheap & fast equivalent to good. When industrial revolution took place during the 18th century, it begins with a fine purpose of producing things faster, more efficient & attainable for all demographics. However fast forward to the 21st century, we are currently experiencing the aftermath of industrial revolution, and today we are at the mercy of consumerism & we lost touch of important things such as meaningful human interaction.

The by-products of consumerism: Many companies have since existed to serve the need of the market by providing goods for cheap with mass manufacturing, they did a fine job of provision for the mass, however from a holistic point of view we neglected the part where such products existed by exploiting cheap labour cost, destruction of nature and piling up of landfill.

Our existence: Upon starting this company, we asked ourselves countless time why should we exist today? We are definitely not here to provide anything cheaper; we exist to acknowledge that today humanity have a very skewed vision of looking at things & especially the way we adapted in order to function in this broken system of consumerism. We disagree of having lesser in life for cheap; lesser in production time that leads to lesser in sustainability, lesser in quality that leads to lesser appreciation of things, lesser in price that leads to lesser care and value to the objects at hand, resulting in trash & junks accumulation instead of passing it on for generations, and finally lesser in quality decision making of what we truly love and want in life.

MUKK is founded by Sim Chia Yi & Vivian Lam Shi Wei.