MUKK was founded by Chia Yi & Vivian, co-founders of multi-award winning product design studio - Super Struxture Studio. MUKK was created when the duo first perceived  the lack of options to shop for when it comes to buying an original design furniture or objects that are produced in high quality craftmanship. Most of the items that are being sold in our domestic market - Malaysia are 80% replicas and trade items sourced from various countries or even locally mass produced.
" Our mission is to reinvent the domestic market by providing quality designs that goes through a meticulous process of: ensuring sustainable material sourcing, integrating the art of fine carpentry with the latest technology to co-create a balance of beauty through the traditional craftsmanship  & innovation by experimenting with technology in our products. "    - Chia Yi
" To deliver a high quality products to our customers is very important for us, we want people to experience the differences when they're using our products, placing it in their home or when they're buying it as a gifts. From day to day we are exploring different platforms & methods in order to perfect the customer experience.  - Vivian


Email: define@mukk.co
Telephone : 603-58859092
Address: No.5, Jalan USJ 7, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.